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Welcome to Workforce and Lifeforce Meditations! We are a unique site for you to experience a
reduction in stress, find a greater sense of health and well-being, and have a more fulfilling life through Meditation.
Whether you have practiced Meditation for years, or are trying this for the first time, we have exclusive,
Impactful Guided Meditations that will inspire you, as well as tips and guidance to help you get the most
out of your Meditation practice.

Why Workforce & Lifeforce Meditations?

Starting a meditation practice has many benefits. Doing so with Workforce and Lifeforce Meditations allows you to choose specific themed Guided Meditations that correspond with exactly what you need in your life at this time. Our Exclusive and Impactful Guided Meditations can allow you to feel relief from stress and anxiety and experience insights into what is possible for you that you never thought of before. Our frequently asked questions section will give you tips and tricks to help you quiet your mind and guide you through the process.

Allow us to provide you access to peace and ease in all areas of your life. Take a moment to hear more in the short video on the left from our Founder, Jean Pomeroy.

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Workforce Meditations
For Employees:

Your employer understands the need to care for employees' health and well-being and has included our guided Meditations to your benefits package. Reduce stress and anxiety and improve coping and problem solving skills.

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Workforce Meditations
For Employers:

A workforce that is happy and less stressed equals a bigger bottom line. When employees are meditating through our program they are not only more focused and productive, but it can result in less sick days and decreased attrition.

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Lifeforce Meditations
for Individuals:

Our guided meditations are designed so you can meditate any time whether you are an experienced meditator or just getting started. Subscribe to our Web-based Guided Meditations and try it free for 7 days.

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  • About Us

    We are a space where you can disconnect from the outside world and take a pause to access the peace that always resides within you. Through Guided Meditations, we help participants to experience present-moment awareness, and through this awareness, quiet the incessantly thinking mind to live a happier, more peaceful, and fulfilled life.

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  • FAQ's on Meditations

    Take a look at these short videos that answer the most common questions about about meditation.

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Customer Testimonials

The meditation class has helped me see by simply shutting down for a short period of time it makes me more grounded. It helps me reduce anxiety and reduce the stress around me. The class has made me aware that the world moves on as its intended pace without me.

Worksite Participant

Lifeforce Meditations was my first experience with meditation. Not knowing what to expect, it quickly made me feel comfortable and in time I was able to experience a greater awareness of my own thoughts and feelings. Having a job that can be full of stress, I felt more calmness and clarity than I had ever experienced. I firmly believe that meditation holds many physical and emotional benefits. I give Lifeforce Meditations 5 stars!

Nancy – Individual Participant

The stresses in today’s lifestyles and workplaces can be tremendous. It can be difficult to find an employee solution to help reduce stress for employees while at work. Workforce Meditations has been an outstanding resource for providing an outlet for employees to take time for themselves to relax and recharge. I would highly recommend the services or Workforce Meditations for any workplace.

Yolanda – HR Professional

In the few short months I have attended the Workforce Meditation classes I have notice a considerable decrease in my stress level; both at work and home. To my astonishment, my commissions have increased significantly; just got my best check ever! I have also seen some amazing results in my life because I know I have the power within me to do what I choose to do.

Sherrie – Worksite Participant

Meditation? At work? YES! The thought of meditation can be intimidating for a novice but the team at Workforce Mediations made my journey at work amazing. I look forward each week to my half hour of “me-time” to relax into the calm zone. Mediation at work has made a huge difference in my stress levels and has given me a positive outlet in the middle of my day.

Shannon – Worksite Participant

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