Is Hope Enough?

It’s an interesting time we live in. Most people are in a better place than they were not long ago when we were living in a global recession, however there appears to be a perceived sense that all is not right. Some people are waiting for the next shoe to drop, others feel the increasing weight of the uncertainty in the world, others feel burdened and stressed. However, in the spiritual world, there is a word that seems to keep popping up that is here to pull us out of any emotional downturn and that promises to lift our heads and our hearts. What word is the new savior of the spiritual world? That word is Hope. But is hope really what we all need? I think not. I’m here to say that hope will never provide you peace, happiness or fulfillment. It will not lift your present concerns. It will not fill your heart with love. Instead, hope keeps your life out of focus. Why do I say this? How can that be? Because hope lives in an illusionary place. It lives in the future. 

Life only exists in one place, the present moment. All you ever have is now. The past is gone. If you are thinking about the past you are thinking about something that no longer exists. The same holds true for the future. Anything you think about the future is simply an illusion. It has not happened so anything you think about the future is completely made up. And what’s more, the place called the “future” will never come. Why do I say such a crazy thing? Because when you get to the future, you are not in the “future” at all, it is still just…now. All you ever have is now. So when you “hope” for better times, or more income, or more peace, or better relationships, you are looking to have them in a time that not only doesn’t exist, it will never come! These desires will only be present in your life when you experience them in the now. If you desire a relationship that fills you up then close your eyes and picture it like it’s happening right now. Feel how you feel when you provide happiness to another and they in-turn provide that to you. Feel what it is like to get the promotion you desire and how every aspect of your day looks now that you currently possess this. Feel what it’s like to wake up in the morning and take a deep breath in feeling calm and peace now and the worry and fear you had before have disappeared. By taking time in the present moment to experience what you desire and feel it like it is happening right now, you are changing your focus and energy. You are being what you desire in the present not hoping for it in the future. You’re not crossing your fingers and toes and clicking your heels together 3 times hoping the sun and moon and earth will align in your favor. Hope is void of action. Being creates the world!

By feeling what the experience of life is with what you desire you will either figure out what you thought you needed to be happy is not what will make you happy after all or, that you already possess what you need to be happy but have not acknowledged it or had gratitude for it, or you can experience it fully, at this time, in this place right now and miraculously, from a place of feeling and being this desire right now, the energy in the world shifts to give you what you focus on. The action of being what you desire right now has you manifest this. Whenever I feel a sense of lack I start giving things away, doing random acts of kindness or buying things for people. Even when this was a great hardship for me, by being abundance, I was able to experience how wonderful it is to live in a place of abundance, and the more I gave away, the more I got back and the less lack I had because it was experienced it in the now, not hoping for it to show up in some future time.

Stop hoping for better or different. Be the abundant, peaceful, stability you want right now, and watch the impact it has on your life, and on the world!

By Jean Pomeroy, CMI, President/Founder Workforce & Lifeforce Meditations