The Deceptive Trance

There was a story in the paper about a New Jersey family that won the Powerball worth over $400 million dollars.  What is your instant thought about this family as you read this?  What does it make you think about yourself?  Do you deem them unworthy knowing nothing about them?  Are you jealous?  Does it appear unfair?  Does it make you think of what you could have if that was you?

All of those thoughts are based in the idea that we need to obtain, collect and simply have more.  The incessant desire for more is based in the sensations images and feelings that these “things” you desire give you, and not about the things themselves.   We have been conditioned in 21st century life that who we are is attached to what we have, and worse yet, in what we have in relation to others.  Feeling a sense of lack in any area of your life and constantly striving for “more” keeps your focus distracted from the abundance you currently enjoy.   By taking a pause and quieting your mind through meditation you are able to shift your focus.  Stop and identify what you are you most grateful for at this very moment.   Take a moment and see what comes to mind for YOU.  For many people this is not their car or their house, not their job or their status.  For most people it is the deep intense feelings of gratitude for the people we are blessed to share this human experience with.  This is joy that can never come from an object or a title. 

The pathway to live a life without the sensations of jealousy, greed or lack comes in the simple act of changing your focus to gratitude. When you wake up in the morning don’t reach over to grab your phone, instead take one moment to experience the deep feeling of gratitude for what you have that truly brings you joy in your life and carry that with you throughout your day.  Lack is an illusion, a made-up perception and ultimately a deceptive trance, and only through gratitude can you break the spell of wanting more.   At Workforce and Lifeforce Meditations we can help you disengage from the deceptive trance of lack and enjoy a life feeling the humbled satisfaction of the abundance you already possess.