You Can’t Pass the Test if You Don’t Acknowledge the Question

Life is constantly giving us just what we need. The problem is we are too busy looking to have more highs and we can miss the blessings in the lows. Some of the greatest lessons to be learned are from things that aren’t going our way. Many of these “tests” are so subtle we miss them altogether until the universe say, “hey, you’re not getting it, let me make this more clear” and we are presented with a major exam when we couldn’t have just passed the subtle test and avoided it all together.

How do you identify these subtle tests? Be mindful. Notice when there is a constant theme in your life. Look back at your day, and the day before and the week before and see where there is a persistent issue that is not working for you. Maybe you didn’t get that bonus you expected and then received a bill you didn’t expect and forgot to go to the grocery store and have nothing to eat and the washer is working so you have nothing to wear. You are seeing lack in many areas in this case. Where else are you lacking and more importantly, are you focusing on the lack? Are you missing every light and waiting forever in line at the bank or not getting the phone call back you are waiting for? Are you being tested in patience? Are you dealing with a bad knee that is hurting more and then finding you are getting more headaches and then stub your toe? Is pain a theme in your life? In each of these cases you may see them as issues or problems that start out small but get more and more prevalent as we ignore the gift they can bring you and instead feeding them with negative energy. You may not realize it’s happening but when these subtle hints are happening and you might be thinking, “I can’t get a green light to save my life, I can’t catch a break, my savings is starting to dwindle, I don’t have time for another headache” and on and on there is not chance for freedom from them. However when you take a pause and are mindful enough to see these reoccurring theme’s you can acknowledge their existence in your life and thank them for the opportunity to grow from it. How in the world do you do that? You find the freedom from the issue and use that as your focus.

For example if you are experience lack in your life that focus on abundance. Take a moment to acknowledge all of the areas you do have abundance in your life and your gratitude for it. Then see yourself as an abundant person in all areas of your life and when lack shows up take a deep breath and again experience abundance. If you are finding pain in your day then take a moment to experience health and all of the areas of your body that enjoy great health and live into that healthy feeling. If you are being tested in patience than go to the place where this is no hurry and only ease and that is found in grace. No one can be impatient when they are in a place of peace and grace.

By taking a pause and being mindful to what is going on in your life you have the wonderful opportunity to have life show up as a powerful positive experience instead of succumbing your thoughts and energy in negative emotions. Learn to identify the tests of life when they appear as a small quiz or you can ignore them until they become the final exam.